Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Speaking Out

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence becomes an act of rebellion. --Albert Camus

As you probably know, occasionally I write about cults on this blog. Specifically, people leaving cults--as I did--and finding their way in the free world, without the constraints of their former teachings. 

Probably the most famous cult today is Scientology. I am honored to have "met" a few ex-Scientologists on Facebook. What inspiring and brave people they are. 

Recently actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini was interviewed after several months of silence. She explained her history with Scientology and why she left. Of course the Scientology powers-that-be don't like it when people speak ill of their organization, so their PR people responded. And the battle continues. 

Ms. Remini is supposed to be writing a tell-all memoir. It should be an interesting read. I sure hope it will come with a Scientology glossary or I'll have to keep this online glossary handy.

Although I readily admit I know very little about Scientology, I do know a lot about the psychology of cults and how damaging they are to a person's psyche. The head games, the manipulation, the loss of personal identity--terrible stuff. When we speak out about psychological crimes, the grip loosens. 


  1. Leah said she left the group to protect her daughter, a motive to admire.

  2. I never quite understood this group and why all the stars are drawn to it. Looking forward to hearing more about this well hidden religion, group, cult...

  3. I really know nothing about it, either, but I'm anxious to read her book. Do you watch The Following?

  4. Brainwashing is a psychological crime. We have to talk about it, though, because it's becoming more prevalent, replacing more obvious brutality, in modern life.


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