Me On The Web

Me On The Web

For Grace in the Garden: Thirty Years of Blunders and Bliss

Guest article for Oregonlive, with Kris Wetherbee.
Book Excerpt on Susan Troccolo's blog

For: REACHING: A Memoir

Review by Portland Book Review (website)
Portland Book Review September-December 2013 Issue, Page 2
Review on RindyMae's blog
Review on Anna Mullens' blog
Review on Literary Aficionado
Review on A Twisted Book Blog by Jeri Walker-Bickett's 
Review on The Oregon Book Report 
Interviews with Laura Dennis, Part IPart II
Interview with Matilda and Kendra on Women's Memoirs Blog
Interview on Kathy Pooler's blog
Interview on Tina Barbour's blog
Interview on Michael Brooks' blog
Interview on Tiffany Marie's blog
Interview on Kimberly Coghlan's blog
Interview with Chris The Story Readers Ape
Interview with Nancy Christie's One on One Insights Into the Writer's Life  Part 2
Interview with Digital Book Today 
Interview with Author's Alliance
Essay on Decision Making Confidence

Radio Interview It Maters Radio
 Mark Allen Wolfe's 30 minute interview is first.

Review by Kenneth Weene of It Matters Radio

"How I Wrote My Memoir" on Wayne Groner's blog.

On National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

On Indie Spotlight The beautiful work of Ricki Wilson.

Riffle Interview, great questions, Max!

Amazon Author Central



The Independent Author's Network 



Freado (thanks Phil!)

Irene's Book Oasis

Chris the Story Ape 

Addicted to E-Books

All Things That Matter Press

Interview for the Beyond Belief blog

My two bits on Blogging for FOCUS ON with Nancy Christie

Recovering Fundamentalists 

Women's Collaborative Circle blog. November 16, 2011

Reflections From Women Blog  December 2, 2011, December 15, 2011

Albany Democrat Herald, Saturday, November 26, 2011

Women's Memoirs Blog December 14, 2011

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