Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sandusky's Wife, Puhleez!

THE LENGTHS THAT PEOPLE will go to to save face is shocking. In an interview on NBC's "Today" Dottie Sandusky, wife of convicted child molester and former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, claims her husband's innocence. Further, she accuses her husband's many victims of being "manipulated by money." Shame on her! 

At the time of this writing, the entire interview is not posted online but you can read about it all over the Internet, including here and here

She claims she's "not a weak spouse," citing her nickname "Sarge" given by her husband because she "kept everybody in line." 

I have no doubt her tears are real and that she misses her incarcerated husband. Denial is a very powerful mechanism. And it's possible she was completely oblivious to her husband's seedy nature. And I imagine for her own emotional well-being she needs to hold on to the happy family illusion. 

We live in a tricky society. If a person is being accused of a crime they did not commit, they should fight for their freedom. The problem is, even the guilty will fight for their innocence. They will lie through their teeth, claiming they didn't do it. Or say things like, "it wasn't like that." She "misinterpreted things." "It was consensual." They've got their reasons and justifications for what they've done. 

Will a pedophile ever admit his guilt? Will Woody Allen ever come clean? Will Jerry Sandusky? 

I remember seeing an Oprah show years ago. She was interviewing convicted sex offenders and guess what. All of them admitted their guilt and many were glad to be locked up so they could no longer hurt children. Some were crying, aware of the gravity of their actions and how it affected the psychological well-being of their victims. But not all sex offenders do this.  

Here in Oregon there is another high profile case of sexual impropriety in the news. Again, the alleged perpetrator claims his innocence. Does this mean he is indeed innocent? Of course not. He might be. But more than likely he's not. 

Is it any wonder victims won't say anything? When they do, they are shunned and mocked, victimized all over again. This has got to change. 


  1. I agree Grace. Many have tells such as child porn or many victims. Denial is powerful and she cannot admit she may have had an inkling of what was going on or that she completely missed it and feels guilty as well. Sex offenders do not reform and there is so much research that shows this including many offenders who admit they cannot be rehabilitated.

  2. People exerting themselves over others like that is so horrible, and then denying it when caught just adds to the evil.

    It is so frustrating when there are some falsely accused, and they are found guilty, but there are most likely more cases of the guilty claiming innocence than the other way around. Life can be very unfair.

  3. I read about her interview too. I do wonder if she is in denial to keep some semblance of happy family intact. I agree that reactions against victims might deter others from reporting such crimes.

  4. Oh Grace, denial is a powerful tool but denying others pain is horrible.


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