Monday, February 24, 2014

The Writing Process Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,

Mary Clark, author of Tally: An Intuitive Life, invited me to participate in a blog hop. Please visit her blog and check out her book on Amazon. It looks really interesting. 

I admit, although I'm new to the official blog hop world, I--like many of you--have been hopping through the blogosphere for several years now. It's fun to read the goings on of friends. Part of the agreement for participating in this endeavor is to answer the questions on the writing process. 

1. What are you working on? 

My gardening memoir, Grace In The Garden: Thirty Years of Blunders and Bliss is in edits now. The title pretty much explains the content. It's a look back at how my garden and my gardening life have evolved over the years. It's a much lighter read than my first book, REACHING and hopefully will appeal to non-gardeners as well as those who enjoy digging in the dirt. 

2. Why do you write what you do? 

The short answer: because it's what I like to read. Memoir has always appealed to me. I enjoy reading about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary obstacles. It's what inspires me and give me hope in humanity. Crafting my own experiences into something literary makes me feel really good. That's not to say I'll never write fiction. I never say never. 

3. How does your writing process work? 

My most successful writing happens in the morning but because I work full time, I am forced to write when I can. I find that stepping away from a first draft for a while allows me to come at it with fresh eyes and often a better vocabulary. And I'm fortunate to have good editors. 

*   *   *

To keep the blog hop going, I've got three fellow blogging authors that I know you'll be interested in visiting. 

1. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@jeriWB) writes short stories, creative nonfiction and psychological suspense. The rough mining town she grew up in--with its mix of bars, churches and whorehouses--populates her literary landscape. Food, travel and photography also inspire her creativity. She lives in Idaho with her wonderful husband and their demanding pets. You can connect with her at where she posts about literature, writing and blogging. Please explore her titles via Amazon. She also works as a freelance editor. 
Blog: What Do I Know?
Amazon Author Central:

2. Leila Summers is a storyteller, writer and personal coach with a love for all things creative and human. She lives in South Africa with her two daughters and animal friends. As a Gemini, she has boundless energy and enthusiasm for learning new things and her variety of interests include reading, crafting, photography and holistic living. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her girls, homeschooling and learning alongside them. Leila published her first book, It Rains in February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and Loss, in 2011 and she is busy working on her second memoir at present.

3. Lisa Kerr is a fiction writer working on her first detective novel. She's an animal lover and tech geek who lives in California. Her short stories have been published in various magazines and journals. You can find out more about her on her website:


  1. I enjoyed this post, and am also a writer. My most recent co-authored books celebrates moms, "Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: Stories to Celebrate and Wisdom to Bless Moms." The gardening book/memoir in your post sounds up my alley.

  2. Looking forward to visiting these blogs...I recently discovered Jeri's blog.

  3. I enjoyed finding out more about your writing process, Grace! I'm looking forward to your next book, too. And I look forward to checking out these new blogs. :-)

  4. Grace, thanks for the introduction to Leila and Lisa. The more I write, the more I feel the pull to devote more time to creative nonfiction, especially memoir. Alas, gotta finish my novel first! I'll be looking forward to your gardening memoir.

  5. Grace in the Garden (great title) sounds interesting. I'll definitely get the ebook when it comes out. It's also interesting that you've linked to a South African writer, as I did. They must be writing up storms down there, whether Euro-African or African; maybe it was pent up all those years.

  6. Hi Grace
    I jumped to your blog from Jeri WB's site, mainly because you're a gardener, something dear to my haart so will be following you from here on.
    I have my own blog in which I cover gardening from time to time - mostly with herbs.
    All the best


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