Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Most Embarrassing Moment

YOU KNOW HOW WE ALL have a most embarrassing moment at the ready to share when we're asked, usually at a social gathering of some kind? 

Mine is easy to recall and as the years go by, easier to recount. It was 1980 and the term "re-gifting" was still decades away from common nomenclature. It was November and we were attending the wedding reception of my husband Steve's brother and his new bride. Steve and I had our wedding just a few months before and because I received two electric frying pans, (all the rage back then) I decided I would give the second one to the happy couple. However, rather than wait until after their honeymoon to open their gifts, like Steve and I had done, they began opening them there at the reception. Out of the blue, a woman got up and left the room and I thought this was peculiar until I realized the gift the bride was opening was the the electric skillet this woman had given to Steve and me. I was absolutely mortified! Too mortified to admit my misdeed and ask this woman for forgiveness. To this day she probably hates me. 

Fast forward to this past weekend. My two younger twenty-something daughters went to Costco to get cat litter and a few other items. Usually they go through the self-checkout but apparently it has been removed. It was busy as it always is at Costco and when they got to the front of the line, the cashier made a rather loud point of telling my daughters they would be unable to purchase their items because they weren't on Steve's and my Costco account. They had to leave, mortified, positive that the people waiting behind them in line were judging them. 

I feel terrible. But the upside is, now my daughters have their own "Most Embarrassing Moment" to share when called upon to do so. Welcome to humanity, my sweet daughters. 

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  1. I'm very easily embarrassed and my face gives me away. To a fault. I HATE it. But I can't think of one incident in particular that was "the worst." One will probably come to me during dinner and my face will turn beet red at the memory of it.


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