Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garbage Sale -- A True Story

THIS AFTERNOON, MY HUSBAND Steve and I were driving to my niece's place. It was a nice drive, along back roads winding through tall firs and farmers' fields. And it was a nice opportunity for us to spend a little uninterrupted time together. As we rode along, we saw a garage sale sign. Suddenly I had this funny idea so I mentioned it to Steve. 

"You know," I started, "garage and garbage look so much alike, with just one letter differentiating them. Wouldn't it be funny to write 'Garbage Sale' on a sign and post it on a telephone pole? I wonder if anyone would even notice that it wasn't Garage Sale." 

Steve chuckled and then added, "Yeah, we could get a bunch of eye-catching neon yellow signs and write Garbage Sale on all of them and then post them with arrows pointing in different directions, to lead people on a wild goose chase." 

To which I replied, "Yeah, and when there was only one sign left, we could put it on a pile of garbage sitting on a curb. I mean a lot of times garbage is all there is at garage sales anyway, right? Wouldn't it be funny to see the expressions on people's faces? 'Follow the signs to our garbage sale! Oh, didn't you read the sign?'" 

At that point it wasn't really funny anymore. We both concurred that people might not take too kindly to being led all over Timbuktu thinking there is some major garage sale happening only to discover that it's a garbage sale. They might go ballistic or something even though we were just having some fun.

Probably not the best way to have fun.

So we sat silent for a moment, thinking it over, then went on to other subjects.

Any random acts of silliness you care to share?


  1. That is really funny, but like you both said, it probably wouldn't be funny for the people driving around to go to garage sales.

    Thanks for the smile this gray dripping morning.

    Have a great week.


  2. Such a funny idea! I had never thought how closely "garage" is to "garbage." There certainly is a lot of junk at some of those sales. Around here, the sales are usually called "yard sales."

  3. I have a random act of silliness to share:
    My daughter is married to a Marine F-18 pilot. They live off-base in South Carolina but in a neighborhood with a lot of other military/pilots.
    They have a lovely 2-story home, with a Charleston-style wrap around porch on each level. One morning I went out to have my morning coffee on the top story and all her furniture was gone AND replaced with different porch furniture. So I ran inside and my daughter started laughing hysterically- this is evidently something the pilots do to each other as a joke/prank -rearranging each others porch and lawn furniture. Now how in the world they were able to do it all the way to the second level without us hearing is beyond me but it had to have taken team work. I guess it is a good way to get to know the neighbors because everyone has to go around to exchange furniture back and nobody seems to mind, it amuses them all.

  4. LOL! This had me rolling. I could just picture all of the traffic heading around to find the garbage sale. The sad think is that I would have likely been one of them. LOL!

  5. I have often thought it says Garbage Sale when it says Garage Sale...seems this idea for a Pranked!!

  6. You and hubby had all of the fun of dreaming up this scheme without having to go to all the work of executing it, and then you shared it with an appreciative audience incapable of road rage. Win-win, right?

  7. Gracie I am still giggling!
    I think you are so right about people not really noticing and would follow the signs .. it would be a hoot to watch but like you said .. there may be some very disgruntled people?LOL
    Joy : )

  8. Funny!!! But if you wait for a garage sale until dark, all the stuff goes out to the curb. Then you see the vultures, I mean shoppers, descend.


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