Friday, February 17, 2012

On Pepsi, Puppies and YouTube

I'M SURE IT was intended to convey warm feelings. Family, sunshine, laughter in the backyard, grandma...and puppies! And food. Let's not forget the food. And to drink, why Pepsi, of course. 

It was 1975. The movie Jaws was all the rage. I had read the book before seeing the movie, trying my hardest to appear bookish like my older sister. But my life, at 15 was fraught with both inner and outer conflicts. I couldn't seem to attain the achievements of my peers. My list of self-imposed goals and aspirations were out of reach and the inner critic was a blaring cacophony of judgmental missives. I was too fat, I didn't have a boyfriend... that was about it. Not exactly lofty goals but when you're a teenager, your priorities are, well, shortsighted. It's true I didn't have a boyfriend, but I was far from fat.  

I was carrying a lot of baggage, even at this early age. And because I owned a season pass to the roller coaster of life, I was constantly up and down with no adult ears to help me sort it all out. I think this is the real tragedy--not having the wisdom of a caring adult at the ready to guide me and remind me that it was okay and that one day I'd understand. 

But a survivor must do what she's got to do and despite the fact that caring adults weren't at the ready, I found solace. The Pepsi commercial spoke to me. All these years later, I remember it. Not every detail but the puppies and the joyful giggles of an innocent little boy. How it broke me. I wrote about it a few years ago while in the early stages of crafting my memoir. 

A few weeks ago, thanks to the skill of Google and YouTube, I was able to locate it. The entire commercial. The first time I listened to it, I almost burst into tears with the bubbling of submerged emotions. Wow. Isn't it amazing what our computers are capable of? 

Here it is. (It's only 59 seconds.) Do you remember it? 

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  1. Get out of town Gracie!!I do remember the puppies and the giggling little refreshing.

  2. OMG, I do remember that commercial, but I had no idea it was for Pepsi. It's funny how ads can be such a strong memory, or become associated with certain things happening in our lives. I was angsty at 15 too.

  3. I sure do remember that commercial and the giggling little boy! 1975. Ugh. Wouldn't go back there for anything though.

  4. I definitely remember that commercial! I wouldn't want to be a teenager again for sure. There are certain songs that come on from when I was pretty young and it's amazing the feelings they bring up.

  5. While I don't remember that commercial (cause I was born that year ;) if you fast forward into the 80's there are definitely commercials that still tug at me. It's amazing the emotions we attach to music or TV. Lately, commercials have been playing some of my favorite 80's songs and I find myself yelling to my husband 'isn't anything sacred??'! His reply..No. Cheers, Jenni

  6. The commercial isn't really familiar, at least not the visuals, but the song definitely touched a cord. The giggleling and the puppies though? If you would have been in my living room this evening when I returned home from a day at the YGP Show you would have witnessed a scene very familiar. Granted it was one one senior dog, and a 40-something female, but nothing can make me giggle the way she can...and I think she enjoys it even more than me. I am lucky.

  7. I loved that was so cute but the family and love was so uplifting...great memories Grace!

  8. Oh, dear. Yes, I remember that commercial! I am with Catherine I would not like to relive my younger years either. Too much to traumatize you.Of course the Beatles, Vietnam war and flower power did not help at all with all of the other frustrations to go through besides. LOL!
    My McAffey virus program always has a fit when I try to go to your postings for some silly reason. It always pops up and asks me "Do you want to go to this site?" I keep telling it "yes, I want to go visit Grace" but it forgets as bad as I do these days. LOL!

  9. This is the real tragedy--not having the wisdom of a caring adult at the ready to guide and remind me that it was okay and that one day understand.


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