Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the Oscar Goes To...

HOOPLA TIME in Hollywood, once again. I don't live anywhere near Hollywood so no hoopla here. Actually, I'm reluctant to admit it but I'm not even sure who is in the running this year. Wait. Come to think of it, I believe Meryl Streep is a nominee once again. There'd probably be even more hoopla if she weren't, right? It would be a different kind of hoopla though. A testy, indignant kind of hoopla. Like, why did The Academy "snub" the Meryl Streep? She's an icon, no doubt about it and if she grabs the gold once again, it won't surprise any of us, will it?  

I wonder if Ms. Streep gets tired of it all. Can you just picture her, behind closed doors murmuring to her husband that she'd much rather stay at home and play Scrabble than attend yet another gala? But am I picturing the real Meryl or the public persona? It gets confusing.
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Because I've never ascribed to Hollywood society, I can't imagine the quandaries of such an existence; a life with such drastic disparities between one's private and public selves. 

If the rules of memoir are adhered to, the reader is getting the real deal, devoid of fictionalized sensationalism. I like this. Although I tend to avoid memoirs written by the famous, I like learning about how people think and feel and deal with their personal yet universal dilemmas. 

No delusions of grandeur here. I've got my hopes of being published but I doubt Hollywood will be calling anytime soon. No, I don't expect to turn any famous heads but I'd gladly welcome a few of the Scrabble crowd , should they be interested. 

Below is the working title of my manuscript and a brief blurb. Does it pique your interest? 


In the predawn hours of March 23, 1993, I woke to what would be 45 seconds of seismic rumbling that shook the house and shifted my lifelong distress from meddling to mind-numbing. As a wife and the mother of four kids, it was imperative that I get help. But rather than choose the freeway, I heeded a long-ago voice that had persuaded me to take a narrow, brier-lined "shortcut."  

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  1. I had heard of the nominees for movies but had seen none yet another year...I love old movies...I love the title and the opening has me very go girl!!

  2. I had to laugh at your posting because I do not follow all the Hollywood hype either. I like movies and some actors and actresses but I think all the glitz and big paydays are so silly. Same with some athletes. This hero worship of them baffles me. LOL! So I am strange I guess.
    Now that is just not fair to put out that tidbit and leave us in anticipation. LOL!

  3. I only knew what was going on with the awards because....I'm turning into a t.v. junkie! Yes, this opening paragraph caught my attention!

  4. Do we have to have word verification and moderation...??

  5. Hey Gracie-- Good cover notes, and vivid new title! Onward!

  6. My interest is beyond piqued!


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