Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Things You Learn on the Internet

DO YOU HAVE GOOGLE ALERTS? For those unfamiliar with this cool app, Google Alerts simply sends you a link via email anytime the words of your choosing are entered into the almighty Internet. I'm sure I'm not utilizing it like I could be. So far I've only got my name "Grace Peterson" entered and I rarely get any alerts. 

The other day I clicked on the incoming Google Alert and saw this: 

Twin Sisters Share 90 Years of Life, Memories

You guessed it. One of the sisters is named Grace Peterson which is why I got the alert. I clicked on the link and discovered that this Grace has been a lifelong resident of Chicago. She worked as a "Punch Press Operator" before getting married on July 3, 1948. She's lived in her current residence since 1955. Today she is an active square dancer and plans to live past 100. I have no doubt she will. I hope I can follow in her footsteps. What an inspiring lady. 

A few years ago a work project had me scouring through LinkedIn's contacts. Did you know that if you search a common name like, say James Smith, you'll get 14,164 hits? Holy cow! Likely your name isn't quite that common but you get the idea. When you've got nothing better to do, (or maybe before that) Google your name and learn something. It's kind of fun. 


  1. Dear Grace...how fun to be linked to another Grace with such an outstanding life... : )

    I am alerted constantly with one thing or another and so I will have to stay away from Google Alerts unless of course I am doing a research project.

    Hope you are enjoying this beautiful November! xx

  2. So there's another wonderful Grace Peterson out there? :-) I've Googled my name before. I'm amazed at how many other Tina Barbours there are out there.

  3. An interesting subject Grace. I was surprised when I Googled my book title as to how many links came up. I use Google alerts but only have the title, not my name to be alerted on. It's supposed to let you know if a "pirate" site is selling your book. I wonder if you can add more than one name to be alerted on? Do you know?


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