Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Fun With the Internet

HI PEEPS. I HAVE A GUEST POST almost ready but it involves a decent chunk of time to type up. Rather than rush through it, I'll post it next week with this little teaser. You'll enjoy it so remember to check back, okay? 

Because I work in front of a computer screen all day, my mental health requires a few (or many) diversions. One of them is this oh so cute, live Kitten Rescue Camera

For those few of you that don't know, I'm a huge cat person. So is the hubster and the kidsters. We have 4 furry felines at home and when I'm away I miss them. So Kitten Cam to my rescue. 
This particular shelter is in Los Angeles. There are bunches of kitties playing in their cordoned off area. I love that they're not stuck in a cage in some dark room somewhere. They've got toys, room to climb and jump and tackle each other. And they've got soft places to slumber as cats are wont to do. And while they sleep, the viewer--that'd be you and me--can scroll down and read the comments. This is where I learned the cats' names. There's Tipper: She's the oldest. Then the three short-haired babies, Luke, Yoda & Leia. And now four "Fluff balls" have joined the party!   


I took these (not perfect) photos with the newly discovered "Snipping Tool." Thank you Bill, 
head of our Tech department for enlightening this person who uses computers 
just like she drives.
That is, with no idea what's under the hood. 
If you drive and compute like me and
you're not aware of the "Snipping Tool" just say the word and 
I'll enlighten you. 

Leia on the left and Yoda,
hiding beside her.

Aren't they adorable? 


  1. I like kitties also. Dogs are my favorite though.

  2. They are SO adorable! You know I'm a huge cat person, too. So is my hubby. Cats are just wonderful creatures and so fun to watch.

    I did an interview recently with a new vet practice that will have cameras in their rooms where pet parents can check in on their babies while they are in the hospital. I think it's great.

  3. The snipping tool is a great tool my dear husband set my computer up with. I've used it a lot. :-)

    Cute kitties and I'm going to check out the kittie cam next.

    Happy fall and have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  4. They are adorable Grace .... I could use a tracking device for our cats + a camera attached to their necks : )

  5. I have a dog and two cats and it's safe to say they are a constant source of companionship and amusement.


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