Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Something Fun

I'M HAVING A BOUT OF writer's block right now. It might have something to do with fact that it's well past my bedtime and I've been up since 6:30 this morning. My brain and body are pooped but I still felt this compelling need to get a blog post written. So here I am, stubborn and brain dead.

Okay so here are the questions. I'll answer and if you're game (pun intended) you'll answer them too in the comment section. Pretty please? Be game, okay? I love learning new things about my peeps!

1. Which do you prefer, to sleep in or get up early?
Depends. In the summer, get up early, sip coffee and visit the garden. In winter, sleep!

2. What is your favorite gadget(s)?
First on my list is my laptop, second, my camera, third my Kindle.

3. If you could have dinner with three famous people, who would they be and what would you serve?
Well the meal would be at a restaurant because I wouldn't want to subject them to my cooking and my nervousness. Who? Jesus, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Wouldn't that be an interesting dinner!

4. What actor or character do you have a crush on?
George Clooney for obvious reasons.

5. What would your significant other say one of your most annoying quirks is?
Stealing the covers. I'm shameless.

6. Have you ever been in trouble with the police.
Yes. Three times if you include that time an overzealous cop wearing too much aftershave pulled over for going through a yellow light. We won't discuss the other two.

7. Name something you've done that most people haven't.
Stood at the edge of a live volcano. I did this while living in Hawaii. I didn't jump.

8. What do you collect/hoard?
Plants and books. I'm pathetically addicted to both.

9. Name three pet peeves.
Bullying of any kind, slow drivers and government waste.

10. If you could borrow Harry's Invisibility Cloak for one hour, what would you do?
Drive. Wouldn't people's reactions be a hoot?

Now it's your turn. Ooh this is going to be fun.


  1. OK, I'll play....with very short answers!...

    1 - early - always been a morning person.
    2 - my coffee grinder and the mute button on the remote control (well, OK, my new tablet, too)
    3 - Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and Mary Queen of Scots....no cooking, I'd take them out to Sweet Red's in Albany!
    4 - Charlie Rose - sorry, not an actor, but I do have a crush on his intellect.
    5 - there is absolutely nothing annoying about me...at all...except those little OCDs things
    6 - yes, not revealing anything but name, rank and serial number
    7 - been lobster spearfishing
    8 - websites of fascinating things I will read/learn - when I finally get around to it
    9 - unkindness, talking on cell phones in bathrooms (really, that oh-so-important conversation can't wait), fast drivers (yeah, I'm a slow one, I admit) :)
    10 - sneak up on some birds

  2. I'm feeling kind of brain dead after a long day but I'll try:

    1.I would rather sleep past 6:30 now that I'm retired but my darn body clock won't let me.

    2. My camera and my electric can opener.

    3. The three Kennedy brothers, John, Bobby, and Ted, and all I would serve is fine wine.

    4. I outgrew crushes when Paul Newman died.

    5. Not answering my cell phone when he expects me to.

    6.Yes...I had a hot Camaro in my 30's and it wouldn't obey any speed limit.

    7. Plants and photographs.

    8, Forgot what 8 was

    9.Greed...Fanaticism...& Terrorism

    10.Walk in an NFL locker room after the big game.

  3. 1. - That's the hardest one. I'd LOVE to sleep in, but waking up early enough to have peace and quiet with my coffee is priceless.
    2. - Microplane, for garlic.
    3. - Dean Martin, Jesus, and ???. I would stress for months over what to make. I have no idea. Something with lots of garlic and I would serve lots of wine.
    4. - I don't really have any celebrity crushes, but I would agree that George Clooney is a stud muffin.
    5. - MOST annoying? Ugh. He would say my smoking.
    6. - Nothing major, but I have been pulled over.
    7. - Been to the Butchart Gardens. It was amazing and beyond.
    8. - Plants, insulators, old bottles, blue glass.
    9. - People who say their kids will "only eat chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas." I want to punch them in the face. (That one may go beyond a pet peeve. Clearly.) Bad table manners. People who work in retail and can't make change. Really?
    10. - Hmmmm. Sneak into the houses of my creepy neighbors (there's three) for usable ammunition to get them kicked out.

  4. What a fun game I enjoyed reading...some day maybe I will think about answers...just stopping by for a quick hello!!


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