Friday, December 7, 2012


AS I PREPARE FOR my book's publication, I've been working on some of the publicity details. The premise is that with literally millions of books on the market, no one will know about my book unless I do everything I can to promote it. Heaven forbid that it be sequestered on some high, dust-collecting virtual or the brick-and-mortar shelf. I must shout its existence from the rooftops! (Oh the drama of it!)

I'll be partnering with my publisher to get the buzz going and trust me, this goes totally against my introverted, work-in-the-garden-or-read-a-book-or-watch-TV-or-write-something-nature. I'm seriously not very comfortable with tooting my own horn so right now I'm vowing to--as much as is humanly possible--keep from becoming an obnoxious twit.  

One of my publicity goals is to have answers at the ready for the author questions that inevitably arise when readers want a bit of behind-the-scenes information. I thought I'd post one of the questions and its answer from my lengthy (still in process) list.

Do you ever get writer's block and what do you do about it? Yes. I do get writer's block. Usually it's when I'm laboring over a post for this blog. And it's not exactly writer's block but more like writer's distraction because the TV is blaring SNL's Christmas

Seriously, my most productive time to write is in the morning when I'm fresh and coffeed up. Usually I've already devoted quite a bit of mental energy into what I'm going to write so it's not too difficult as long as I just do it. It's when I over-think that I get into trouble. Or when I have the TV on.

How 'bout you? Writer's block? How do you handle it?


  1. I'm so excited for you, Grace! This per-publication time can be a whirlwind, can't it? Enjoy the journey.

    As to your question about writers may sound weird but I get all kinds of ideas and inspiration when I'm traveling. Road trips? Huge sources of ideas for me! I always have my iPad and/or notebook handy to capture my thoughts.

  2. I am learning so much from your experience with your book...hard for me to toot as well...I don't get blocked as much as tired, brain dead and run out of time with my schedule...but when I do get a block, I use pictures, quotes and sometimes reading inspirational books, seeing inspirational movies and going out to be in the garden and nature.

    Just got some exciting news recently :)

  3. Mine is more starter's block. I can find a million excuses to keep me away from that blank page (screen). When I finally do confront it things begin to flow and I have a good time. So why don't I remember that during the putting off stage?

  4. Writer's block is something we all go through. I like writing in the morning, with no distractions....which is hard now that I have a husband home all day every day. If I am quiet, he thinks he can talk to me. augh!!
    Good luck with your book launch... know it will go great.

  5. I'm excited for you, Grace! This is a great time for you, and I hope you enjoy every minute.

    I find that just writing--anything, not matter how bad it is--helps me when I'm blocked about a particular piece. I just start writing, sometimes with a time limit, and keep at it. Sometimes the flow comes, sometimes it doesn't, but it helps me to accomplish something in spite of myself.

  6. Dear Grace...I too am excited for you...since I don't write I don't get blocks ( ha ha), seriously though I can write (though be it poorly) if I am forced to...not sure if this sounds any better...I frequently think of Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote...I always aspired to being a writer when I watched that show...xx


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