Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Discouragement Reigns Supreme

ONE THING I'VE learned through the years is that when I'm tired, I'm more likely to be discouraged. Can anyone relate? 

Today is a stellar day for both. The tired part is my own fault. Last night I stayed up too late working on a project. When the alarm rang this morning, I ignored it for as long as possible which was about five whole minutes. Hearing myself snore brought reality back to front and center. 

It's mid-afternoon now and I'm at work, sitting at my desk, wondering why this company doesn't have a sofa. I need a nap. Or at least a couple of toothpicks to keep my eyelids open.

Those of you who are regular readers (bless you, sweet souls!) know I've been attempting to cross the threshold from writer to author for some time now. At this point I'm pretty sure I could take the Guinness for Longest-Wannabe. Last month I thought I had found a publisher. I spoke with her on the phone. She said she believed in my work. I wanted to fall down and worship her. It all looked very promising and I was cautiously optimistic. 

Then over the course of the following three weeks, the duration between emails grew to an uncomfortable level. The final email, although cordial was not the news I was hoping for.    

I'm back to querying. I'm back to revising. I'm back to serious self-pep-talk. I'll be going to bed early tonight.

How about you? Do you have a favorite discouragement-buster you'd like to share? 


  1. Dear, dear Grace ~ I am so sorry for the disappointment you are having to deal with. All I can say, is DON'T GIVE UP. There is success around the corner.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Grace, I have decided to do what I love takes me away from the discouragement...I continue to believe that what will be, will be revealed but the more I pursue it the further it gets from me...but that is me...I just find something to lose myself in...I am sorry to hear about the disappointment. Those planets are aligning more and more since you at least are getting closer to finding the right fit...I remember reading that many of my fav children's authors endured hundreds of rejections from editors who had no clue...I now this will happen for you because you want it....believe it is already happening and bring it to you!

  3. Gracie, you keep on keeping on girl. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! I believe in you....

  4. Grace, I'm super bummed to read this news :( Like everyone else, I want to encourage you to plug along. If you believe in your work, then stick with it. I believe in you! Cheers, Jenni

  5. Many summers ago I sent out untold manuscripts to publishers all over New York only to get back oodles of rejections. They we were all short stories that we very personal. I still have them on my computer but haven't sent them to anyone in years. Then there is this garden book that is still sitting her looking at me!

    We had a visitor one day while teaching an author of childrens books Jim Alsworth who dumped out a suitcase full of rejection notices at least two hundred, and said that this is what he had to go through before getting his first book published.


  6. You are trying so hard and you want it so much! Don't stop trying. Or wanting. I have no good advice about how to bust discouragement. You're a good writer, and I'm sure eventually you will succeed.

    All writers get discouraged. Did you know that Stephen King threw away his first draft of Carrie, and his wife fished it out of the trash, and told him to keep going?

    You keep going too.

  7. I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged and I know the feeling. All I can say is keep plugging away toward your goals, believe in yourself, and take good care of yourself along the way.

  8. Grace, I'm so sorry for the disappointing outcome. Remember that so many authors have been rejected multiple times. That's not a cliche--it's true.

    You just gotta keep on going. Your writing fits your name--so graceful and lovely.

    I try to do something I enjoy when I'm discouraged. Or take a nap. The important thing is to go right back to the writing!


  9. In this writing biz, I tell discouraged writers and me, from time to time, that "the query/proposal has not landed on the right desk yet." Meaning, send it out again. Best wishes, friend.

  10. If it is something you love (and I know you do) persevere. It will work out one way or another, but you will be doing what you love.

  11. Its really sickening to be feel so down right discouraged.
    Do find the time to spend with some friends and laugh together.
    Do find the time to walk in a park, or a spring or seaside - refresh yourself with nature.
    Get back your zeal, exictement and vigour.
    Once you find that niche - you will just feel all alive again - regenerated and feel resurrected.

    Find that thing that inspires you - and seek after it.

  12. Uhhh...I know the feeling...I can sense it when momentum leaves a process and something that looked very positive falls on its face...I think you are tired. I know I am tired. Once in a similar situation, tired so much so that I wanted to take a brief nap, I walked all over to find a comfortable chair in the library. I could not find one. I was so angry with our library where we all are required to sit stiff.

    I hope you are less tired today and more encouraged. I believe that things that don't work are not supposed to because of better things coming.


  13. Weeding! Then reading accounts of the many rejections suffered by a host of great writers.

  14. Definitely keep going Grace! I've heard so many people say how many rejections they got before a break thru happened. It will happen ~ and it will be such a GREAT day when it does!

  15. Your much farther along than I am. My novel contains one chapter. Perhaps I should just market it as a book meant to be read at stoplights.

    When I'm discouraged, I remind myself how wonderful my life is. It goes like this, "You don't live in Albania, work in a salt mine, and haven't survived a gulag. Your healthy and your dogs adore you." At that point I usually reach for a funny book, or a book I can escape into, I garden, bake cookies, or play loud music. When I'm tired, I'm emotional.

    One year, when I was trying to leave a school ruled by a psychotic tyrant and waiting for interviews, I watched every single episode of Sex and the City on DVD. It was my treat to myself and it worked. :o) Hang in there!!!

  16. That had to be disappointing Grace. Well it will happen yet girl. We bloggers want to read it! LOL!

    By the way my McAfee is freaking out on this site. Maybe its a graphic. The other blog is good though so you got it fixed.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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