Monday, May 14, 2012

Hmm...Read or Sleep?

A MAJOR THANK YOU to those of you who left your sweet encouraging comments on my last post. They mean the world to me. I was better after a decent night's sleep. It's no surprise that when I let myself get rundown, my mental attitude suffers. 

Do you ever get one of those books in your head and you're so wanting to finish it before it needs to be returned to the library but you've got a gazillion other things going on and finding time to sit and read is about as futile as keeping pounds off at Christmas? 

Bingo. That's me. For the past three weeks or so, I've been reading SHOT IN THE HEART by Mikal Gilmore, younger brother of convicted murderer Gary Gilmore. Books like this interest me because understanding what drives a person to commit violence doesn't just happen in a single moment of lost clarity. It takes years to make a murderer as this book so aptly and tragically demonstrates. 

Much of the story takes place in Portland, Oregon where I spent my teen and young adult years. This familiarity makes the reading even more compelling. 

I'll get through all 403 pages but I might have to forego sleep to do it. Dang. 

So what book are you losing sleep over? 


  1. I try to read too many books at one time. At some point, I concentrate on one to finish it.

    I'm reading "Wild," by Cheryl Strayed (just started); ""Wherever You Go, There You Are," by Jon Kabat-Zinn (I've been reading it piece by piece for a while); and "Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your LIfe" by Steven Hayes.

    I think it's time to finish inhaling the wisdom in Kabat-Zinn's book--will probably concentrate on that one.

    I've lost a lot of sleep along the way to good books!

  2. Sounds like a great book. I'm completely fascinated by that subject too. I just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Next up, Catcher in the Rye for book club, and in between a new diet book. sigh. Cheers, Jenni

  3. Oh Grace this does sound interesting. I was all crazed about Ted Bundy seeing how that happened here....scary too. Not really losing any sleep over books right now....

  4. Sounds interesting...these types of books fascinate me, as well~ I've just discovered your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower ~ So nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥

  5. none at the used to be Harry potter but lately I will sleep rather than read...

  6. Hi Grace, I pretty much read and then not, in these lengthy spurts. I had started two great books, 'Catherine The Great', and 'Silent Spring', both of which I didn't want to put down but life events have interfered and they will likely sit untouched for another week or two. I'll have to add Shot in the Heart to my 'to be read' list--sounds fascinating.

  7. The one good thing about an occasional bout of insomnia is the chance to use that quiet time to read. Currently deep into Hillary's Carlotta Novak mystery, 'Shooting Stars'. Have you read it? It's available on Amazon.
    I learned only years later that my son Din, when he rode a city bus to school, was hassled by Gilmore sitting behind him and threatening to kill him.

  8. Coincidentally I posted my current reads on my blog yesterday!

  9. I love being so engulfed in a book that I want to stay up forever to read it. Been a while for such a book on my nightstand.

  10. I get that all the time...some books just take your heart, and to get it back, you need to read them.

    There is never enough time to read all of the books I have from the library.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. I'm on a roll with my writing at the moment so I'm re-reading oldies but goodies so I can walk away from them. Currently I'm on Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry, A Jane Whitefield Novel. I love this book and hmmm it's not as easy to leave as I thought.

  12. I quit checking books out of the library because I could never finish them in time and the ugly building depressed me. I'm a firm believer that any building as special as a library should be beautiful. I'm currently reading Caramello by Sandra Cisneros. A Thousand Splendid Suns was a book I stayed up late for and Love in the Driest Season by Neely Tucker kept me up at night. I was so worried about the baby!


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