Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Walk in the Park

THOSE OF YOU who follow my garden blog know we who live in the Pacific Northwest have been forced to endure some awfully fickle weather of late. It's been a roller coaster of snow, rain, wind but very little sunshine.  Yesterday however, by some sheer miracle, the skies parted for a short time while daughter number 2 (I have 3) and I were running errands. We decided to spend a few moments shooting photos in the park. 

 As you can see, most everything is still lifeless and barren except for the few flowering fruit trees. But even they seemed to be shivering.
 This squirrel took a break from chasing his partner to stare at us. He seems to be saying, "What the devil are you doing in my park?"
This particular park in Albany, with its classy riverside location plays host to many events in the summer including outdoor concerts. In the winter, however, um... not so much. With all the rain we've had the chocolate waters are swollen well beyond their borders. 

We strolled along the riverside walkway, basking in the blue sky and early spring sunshine. Such a rare commodity this year.

We stopped to take photos when we felt like it.

 Occasionally, we'd turn and look behind us and capture another photo or two.
 It was the river that really spoke to us.

 The end of this particular pier was under water.

 These blooms look like the beginnings of apples, perhaps.

 I know this one. I used to have it in my garden. I wonder what ever happened to it. (Viburnum tinus)
 While walking back to the car, I took this photo of the backside of a building. There is something enigmatic about it.
To contrast, the photo below shows one of the many historic homes in Albany. Don't you just love the color and architectural details? I wonder if a lady named Barbie lives here.

Thank you for taking a walk with us. Have a great week. 


  1. I love that pink house! It's important to turn around and look behind you once in a while, I do that sometimes on garden tours.

  2. I rather love the pink house's dignified, and cute.

    Easy to find.

    Love your description of the chocolate waters...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. I also love the pink house! Such character and cuteness at the same time! Glad you were able to enjoy the fleeting Pacific Northwest sunshine. We're back to torrential rain here today.

  4. Grace what a beautiful the pink Barbie house...I felt bad when I saw how awful your weather was...our weather was cold with snow, then hot and now cold and wet with freezing temps at night..we are getting more seasonable weather now so we will both hope the lovely weather is here to stay...

  5. Love the photos, especially the one of the squirrel!

    Here in Virginia, it's full Spring, with lots of blooms already. I'm glad you're enjoying some of that where you are.

  6. Love the Viburnum Tinus!...They are evergreen in my area.....Mine is a year old....Stephanie

  7. I'm glad you had some quality time with your daughter. NO matter the shape of the plants and flowers, that grass is summer green!!

  8. What a pink house! Stands out a bit but the style of it is beautiful.
    The park is looking quite lovely, including that chocolate water and the blooms. Love squirrels, glad you it stopped long enough for you to take it's photo.

  9. Gracie you really must go knock on the door of that pink house because Barbie totally lives there. I have always wanted to know if the marriage to Ken lasted and if they got rid of the sports car and had kids, if her feet ever got better, that sort of thing, so find out for me okay?

  10. So beautiful! Spring here is only just beginning, so it was lovely to see all these pictures of green and growing things. Love the squirrel!


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