Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ides of March

MY WORKDAY IS ALMOST finished but I wanted to get a post on here before the day is over. Truth is, I just wanted to use this title, The Ides of March, before it was March 16th when it would no longer be accurate. Never mind, I'm weird. 

I learned something fun the other day when I got my GoodReads e-letter. They've now got a Pinterest account! Yep. You can scroll through whatever genre you like and see all kinds of book covers. There are no descriptions but it's easy enough to enlist Google for that.  With all the controversy surrounding Pinterest, I think it's cool that GoodReads gives it the thumbs up, don't you?  

In other news, in another e-letter, I discovered the: 

Yes, indeed. I had heard about this fun contest in year's past and thought it would be fun but never took it very seriously. Now that I have the official website to go to submit my entry, I might actually wrack my brain to come up with something. 

The rules are quite simple: Pretend you're writing a "fiction-novel." (I'm assuming this redundancy is intentional since this site is fairly lighthearted.) Anyway, they want to see the first sentence and it needs to be a BAD sentence. Not bad, disgusting. Not bad, evil. Bad clever, like breaking the rules but not. I'm not doing it justice. You can go to the site and read it for yourself. Fun stuff.

On another note, did you see this on the news the other night?

Photo: Pinterest
I don't remember all the specifics but a city somewhere in the US has tragically lost funding for their library system. So to deal with the closures, sweet, intrepid book lovers have created these crafty little libraries all over the city. Anyone can borrow a book and it's strictly on an honor-based system. For real! Stuff like this makes me proud to be a human being. 

And finally, I thought I'd share the quote that decorates my Mary Engelbreit desk calendar today. 

Reading is a means of thinking
with another person's mind; it
forces you to stretch your own. 
                      --Charles Scribner, Jr.


  1. The Ides of March has been ingrained in our brains from high school and Julius Caesar. hahaah
    So you are to write a bad ass sentence for your opener eh? Sounds fun. For all the blogging I have never considered myself a writer. Funny our impressions of ourselves.
    good luck!!

  2. Yes we saw this on the news. Even before then, we have been making plans for one of our own. It's a great concept.

  3. Dear Grace ~ How awful for a town to lose its library. But what a sweet, wonderful idea for those little libraries on the honor system.

    I love that quote.

    Before reading your post this morning, I read one by Robin of Beadlust. She's just sending off a book to be published. She wrote several posts about writing and this latest one was about self-publishing which I thought might interest and encourage you.

    Love, hugs and best wishes to you,


  4. Grace I love the quote. Good luck with the contest. Sounds fun!

  5. With all this rain I'm sitting here with my library books, not gardening, but Nordic Noir. So, lucky to have the Portland library...

  6. I like the little library in the photo, but how tragic for the library to lose funding.

  7. I did see that on the news a few nights ago about the library and the book boxes. People still like to read a real book. Have a nice day.

  8. Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe I was not following you already Grace, fixed that!! I love your blog and always love seeing you stop by PolkaDotGaloshes for a visit!! I'll see you around on pinterest too ;) Cheers Julia
    ps, love that quote!

  9. The little libraries are a wonderful idea. Could you imagine over the years they will expand by kind strangers leaving extra books in them....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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