Sunday, October 2, 2016

River Trip ~~ Part One

I'm posting photos of a trip my sister Laura and I took a few weeks ago to southern Oregon. Among other things, we are privileged to visit the present owner of the house our father built in the mid 1960s. I write about this area in my book REACHING: A Memoir

Because I took a lot of photos I'll keep my comments brief.  Here is part one.

Stay tuned for Part Two


  1. What a beautiful home your father built! Such wonderful countryside and views. Looking forward to part two.


  2. How fun to re visit your childhood digs! It is so pretty there. You are so lucky he let you inside(-:

  3. Looks like a lovely trip. I was in Oregon earlier this summer. Mostly on the coast, but also managed to fit in a side trip to the Oregon Caves National Monument on the way back to Idaho from the Redwoods.

  4. Beautiful photos Grace, that house with all those windows and soaring roof-line, wow!


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