Monday, June 2, 2014

Still in Full-On Garden-Mode

Hello my fair friends. How is your summer going so far? It's usually very slow to emerge here in western Oregon. Typical is the drizzly spring rains causing drooping peony blossoms, mildewed rose petals and slug damage on all my favorite plants. We Oregonians joke that summer doesn't happen until July 5th.   

But not this year, by golly. For reasons only Mother Nature herself can explain, we've been experiencing summer-like weather pretty much all spring long. And with June and the official summer start-date rapidly approaching, the forecast is still encouraging. How nice. 

My house is not in very good shape but my garden is looking pretty dang dandy, which is telltale sign of my priorities. I admit, I'd rather pull weeds than wash dishes. 

With the release of my second book, Grace in the Garden: Thirty Years of Blunders and Bliss I've had the pleasure of meeting some pretty awesome people. One of them is  Kris Wetherbee. She is a garden writer herself and a fellow Oregon gardener so what's not to love, right? If you click on the link, you can see the vast amount of work she's done to spread the joy of gardening. She's also written a wonderful book with photos by her talented, photographer husband. 

Click here to see more.

Kris graciously allowed me to write a piece for her column in the Oregonian newspaper and website. You can read it here. Oregonlive. Thank you Kris! 

Are you a gardener? Do you enjoy digging in the dirt and tending plants or are you an indoor-only person? Got any exciting summer plans? 


  1. You know me...outside in the garden 24/7/365 if I could...soon I hope to get out there again since the weather is outstanding here too!!

  2. Getting back into my Boise gardening groove this year. I had forgotten how dry it is here compared to North Carolina. Everything needs watered almost every day during the hottest part of the year.

  3. Grace, I enjoyed your blunder/solution tips! I have had to learn the lesson of planting things too closely. Sigh. My radishes didn't mature because of that. And things are looking a little junglely in the raised bed. But I am learning. I have your gardening book on my to be read soon list--looking forward to it!!

  4. The deer ate my sugar peas for the second time but the roses are so tall this year that they escaped which proves something but I'm not sure what. Congrats on the Oregonian piece Gracie!


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