Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Trip to Another Planet--The Mall

LAST SATURDAY, I HAD THE PLEASURE (and I use that word loosely) of accompanying two of my daughters on a trip to the mall. They shamelessly employed blackmail, guilt and force to get me there because they know me. If you know me, you know I despise the mall. The congested, compressed, overly dramatic and overly-priced materialism makes me cringe. Give me a thrift store, a book store or a plant nursery but please, don't make me go to the mall. Okay, fine. I'll go but only because I love my girls and want them to like me. 

I remained silent as they shopped. They didn't need to hear my bitching and moaning. I'd find something to occupy me. Fortunately I found it. 

I couldn't help chuckling. Talk about a throw-back to the 1970s. Check this out:  
A denim shirt dress. Remember? 

Didn't you love this  back in the day?
Maybe still? 

Then I saw this banner. Check the outfits on the models. Is this retro or what? Loose fitting, orange and black shirt with basement-carpet-patterned pants. Are our young people really wearing this or is it savvy marketing? My girls weren't interested so I'd say it's a No and No-er.

Things went from sort of weird to very weird by the time we got to this store. Yes. An enormous, (we're talking 7 foot tall) banner of an alien creature. Upon being resuscitated, my daughter whispered, "Relax Mom, it's only a picture of Nicki Minaj." But she had eyelashes as thick as my arm.  

Farther down, fully acclimated to my surroundings finally, I wasn't too terribly shocked to see this. 

That's right. Four topless (literally) mannequins hanging from the ceiling,
adorned in legging finery and golden feet.  

When it was all said and done (and I was out of patience) my daughters had bought some cute clothes. 
And I got to glimpse a world I'll happily ignore for another 6 months. 

Been to the mall lately? 


  1. I agree with you sister albeit not as eloquently.

  2. Hate the mall and avoid it at all costs.....looks like clothes from the late 80s and early 90s making their rounds again. I think I still have a denim shirt dress some where.

  3. How funny, I was at the mall on Saturday, too. I had Christmas returns to take care of. I was at one store and I ended up spending most of my money on the kids. Ain't that how it goes at this stage in life? I did buy myself new jeans, though, which was long overdue. I actually got there an hour before it opened, on accident, and it was sort of nice to walk and look in the windows with no one there. I'm with you, though. It's probably the last time I'll be there until next year. I'm too old. lol

  4. I call it the maul.

    I only visit occasionally and can't recall the last time. But, earlier this evening I thought that I may visit the maul on Friday. I want a charm bracelet that one of the kiosks sells...or at least used to years back.

    I don't like to shop in general; it can make me very tired. The maul just makes shopping more of a drain.

    BTW: I like those topless mannequins hanging from the ceiling. :D

  5. I don't love the mall, either, but I do love fabulous clothes so I go on occasion. But I shop like a heat seeking missile: I get in, find what I need/want, get out. I have no desire to wander around looking at clothes I'm not planning on buying. I much prefer online shopping.

  6. It is truly another planet isn't it? Did our parents really feel like this too?


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