Monday, December 16, 2013

Pathological Persuasion--Introduction

IN ADDITION TO POSTING MY LIFE'S SILLY and not-so-silly subplots, I've wanted to use this blog to go a little deeper into topics that have touched my life in some way. One of those is what I'm calling Pathological Persuasion or mind control. More specifically how it is dispensed and how it works within exclusive sects or cults.

Merriam-Webster defines pathological this way: 
Adj. Extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem. 
Medical: relating to or caused by disease; of or relating to the study of diseases. 

Merriam-Webster defines persuasion this way: 
The act of causing people to do or believe something; 
the act or activity of persuading people

If you've read my memoir REACHING, you know that my experience with Brock could be defined as pathological persuasion or mind control. Although this was many years ago and I have recovered from the effects, I am aware that I am still vulnerable. We're all vulnerable and the best way to protect ourselves is to understand how it works. 
Topics I'll be covering are:   

  • how people are lured to cults
  • why members succumb 
  • what happens to the psyche of a cult member
  • how to recover from the effects of pathological persuasion after exiting
  • how to have the upper hand when confronted with pathological persuasion or cult-like tactics 

A few months ago I found Dr. David McDermott's website, Decision-Making Confidence. Dr. McDermott, once a practicing plastic surgeon, has turned his attention to helping survivors of cults and mind control. He has written two valuable books, MIND CONTROL MANUAL and WHAT IS NARCISSISM that explain in an easy-to-read style what mind control is, the ideology of cults and what goes on in the mind of cult leaders who are often psychopathic. 

Dr. McDermott has graciously agreed to be interviewed by me. Because this subject is so complex, I have divided the Q & A into several installments that I'll post intermittently as a series.

I hope you'll feel free to join in with your thoughts and observations. 

More information on
Dr. McDermott's website
More information on
Dr. McDermott's website
Coming Up
Part I:  What Goes on in a Cult? 


  1. This sounds like it will be an interesting interview Grace. I suppose "persuasion" is a powerful tool cult leaders use to ensnare followers and I'll be interested to learn how this doctor teaches folks to avoid those pitfalls. It is a subject that intrigues me.

  2. This sounds very interesting! Persuasion doesn't sound like a harmful thing until it's paired with a word like "pathological." I'll look forward to your interview!


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