Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scrolling Through Facebook

(HANDS RAISED IN DEFEAT) I admit, I'm a Facebook junkie. I scroll through my feed at least a few times a day when things aren't too busy here at work. I love reading brief snippets of interaction among "friends"--some of them known only through the Internet, some not. Inevitably I'll see a pretty photo taken by Scott Weber of Rhone Street Garden fame. I'll read about the goings on of former co-workers and read several quotes and sayings and "Like" them and maybe add my two bits. 

I can't remember the exact trail now, but somehow yesterday morning I stumbled upon a Facebook page titled, Freedom From Parental Narcissistic Abuse. How interesting and refreshing to read comments written by fellow survivors of abuse and neglect by non-nurturing narcissistic parents! The struggles we deal with become intrinsic and deep-seeded and affect every area of our lives, despite having worked through much of the pain and mixed messages we were taught. 

I had not really given serious thought to labeling my parents as "narcissistic" and I'm not sure it's even all that important to have a definition for their behavior. However being able to identify with (and offer encouragement to) others who are working through the fallout of those behaviors is very refreshing--another reason why I love the Internet. 

Any thoughts? What are some of the ways you get confirmation on your quandaries or hobbies or...?  


  1. Not a junkie, but when I need the distraction, I sneak in at work and look around to see what's going on. It helps ease the crazy chaotic day to read a nice saying or see a lovely picture.

    Maybe I am a junkie...hmmm!

  2. I'm an F-Book junkie too...ack! Trying to blog more and F-Book less...but that is HARD!! Yes, the internet is helpful in many ways. I hate labels...since they don't describe the 'whole' person but rather 'aspects' of them, but, they often do serve a valid purpose to bring people with similar experiences together in ways they might not otherwise have the opportunity to share/meet/learn from.

  3. Blogging has been a way for me to connect with others. I have written about things that I have never discussed with anyone, and it has helped to have feelings and experiences understood and validated by others. I hope that I have been able to encourage others too.

  4. Gracie girl here I am over on this side finally ?
    I do not FaceBook, or Twitter, or any other social media other than my blog .. is that amazing ? anti-social? or just extremely private ? ..
    Sometimes I just can't believe how much personal information is posted out in public .. but if it helps that person get over some of the trauma in their lives than it has to be a good thing for them right?
    Just cruzin' a little while counter top guy is measuring up here.
    I so want to go back to bed it is unreal .. managed to irritate my sciatic nerve and paired with a weather headache? what can I say?
    There ! too much personal information! Ta Dah !! haha
    Joy : )


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