Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brain Warp!

I HAVE A FUNNY STORY. Yesterday morning, the alarm went off at 6:30 as it usually does. Steve, shut it off and I fell back asleep. Usually my kitties will make a ruckus and keep me from oversleeping but yesterday, they were quiet, save for the distant sound of Steve's glasses falling off the nightstand. 

Eventually something jarred me awake. I looked at the clock. Holy Crap. It's 7:28! I jolted out of bed and to the shower, rushed to get out the door and to work by 8:00. 

I drove my normal route thinking, Hmm, the traffic is light this morning, considering how late it is. Driving on, I noticed the gray Toyota Camry I almost always see on my way but didn't think much of it. 

Farther on, the white car, pulled over to the side of one road with kids waiting for the bus was where it always is. Interesting. I quickly surmised that the father driving the car must have more than one kid. The one who catches the early bus that I typically see him waiting for and now, another kid catching a later bus. 

When I turned onto Harrison Boulevard in Corvallis, there was the trusty bank sign with the digital clock It read 7:28. What? 

I glanced over at the fire station clock and then the courthouse clock. They all read approximately the same time--7:30. 

You know that feeling when you're more worried about the idea of losing your mind than you are about the confusing scenario you're enmeshed in? Your mind isn't completely lost yet but you're aware that you're treading on thin ice? The remnant of your mind that remains is frantically feeling around for a way to find the missing part and right this terribly confusing wrong? Probably not. I'm sure it's just me being me. 

I pulled into the parking lot, parked the car, grabbed my purse, searched for my phone, looked at the time. Confused, I dialed my hubby. "Steve?" Fortunately he was still home. "What time does the clock on the nightstand say?" There was a pause, then, "Eight-fifteen. But it's wrong. My watch says 7: 38." 

So I'm sitting in the parking lot where I work, 20 minutes early. 

What happened between 6:30 and "7:28"? Our best guess is that when one of our cats hopped up on the nightstand and knocked Steve's glasses to the floor, he also walked across the buttons on our (vintage) digital clock, figuratively erasing 45 minutes. 

Well, I got my mind back and believe me I need all of it. 

And I wasn't late to work. 

A huge thank you to all of you who've shared your enthusiasm for my book. Your belief in me and your encouragement are such incredible, priceless gifts to this person who generally flounders socially. I appreciate each and every one of you. If you have read my book, please tell me what you think, good or bad. And if you have an Amazon account, I'd be incredibly appreciative if you left a review there. I look forward to your feedback. 


  1. LOL! Well you were not late Grace. I can almost picture you a running around like crazy to get ready. LOL!

  2. Too funny...those cats of yours are tricksters : )

  3. YOU DID IT!! I just ordered a copy, and Beyond Belief as well, from Amazon. I will be in touch soon. xo L

    And that's a great clock story, but I don't buy pinning it on the cat...

  4. A small person with a passion for buttons reset our alarm for 2am. Plus he changed wake up mode from music to heart attack siren. Which I almost had! On the other hand I was too weak to jump out of bed and race to work. I'm sure your heart was racing too.

  5. Oh, I think your kitties are up to some little tricks! :-)

    I have your book waiting on my Nook and am so ready to read it. I am on vacation next week and hope to have lots more time to read. I can't wait!

  6. One of my greatest fears is oversleeping or missing an important appt....breathe my dear friend.

  7. Oh, those cats! Good thing - I have dogs...

  8. Gotta love those kitties. Just got your book, now looking for time to read. Maybe if I had wise-guy kitties to re-set my alarm clock every morning.....?

  9. I would not EVER have visualized you as "socially inept!" You seem very "ept!" to me! :-) I can truly appreciate how this situation could happen. Hope you enjoyed a Great Day! Looking forward to reading your book.


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