Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flu Shot: Do You or Don't You?

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Have you been sick at all this winter? Up until Sunday I was feeling great. It was a restful and productive weekend. Having completed several indoor projects, I ventured outdoors to tackle some long-overdue spruce up. By Monday morning however, I could hardly talk and I felt like my lungs were wrapped in sandpaper.   

I'm pretty sure I don't have the flu--that horrific malady that lately the media has been in a frenzy over, at least until they got sidetracked with Lance and Oprah and now some Notre Dame guy. 

Yes, I'm totally aware of everything going on in the world now. Between naps, stretched out on my sofa, I've watched more TV than an Idahoan couch potato. (My apologies, Victoria--very lame.) Katie Current (Couric) has her own talk show now. In fact there are more daytime talk shows than there are soap operas. Who'd a thunk? And yes, Ellen Degeneres is still hilarious. 

I didn't get a flu shot which makes me a prime target, I admit. Maybe I'm an idiot, I don't know. I don't get sick very often though and even the gunk I'm dealing with now isn't really the flu--just a bad chest cold. 

So tell me, do you get the flu shot every year? And if you do or don't, what is your reasoning?    


  1. Dear Grace ~ I hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Never had a flu shot and don't plan on getting one either.

    I got the book 'Courage of the Soul' and am enjoying it and all of the inspiration and encouragement in the stories. I loved your story and it is an inspiration to me at this time in my life.

    I'm glad I was one of your winners.

    Be well ~ FlowerLady

  2. I hope you'll feel better soon!

    I get the flu shot every year. I have asthma, and if I get the flu, I'll cough forever. I used to be a public health educator, so basically I was one of those people urging others to get the flu shot.

  3. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Flu shots? Yes, my husband has a compromised immune system so he pushes me to get a flu shot. I didn't used to get a flu shot and have never had the I have my own immunity? Maybe. I do think it is wise, especially those in schools and hospitals, should get a shot.
    Love Ellen Degeneres.

  4. Hope you feel better soon...the only good part of getting sick is staying home and watching some of these TV is another world.

    I have flip flopped on the flu shot business. A couple of years I did and a few years I did not. The reasoning for getting them is that they would provide immunity to strains one is vaccinated for. The reasoning for not getting them is that there are so many strains of flu now and so one might not be protected. Also, I don't trust all batches of vaccine...imagine the quality control. Still I think getting vaccinated against the most common variety is not bad especially for people who might not be able to fight off a cold. My doctor has advised to get it this year and she is one who usually recommends only healing by natural means. I might go next week. Everyone around me is sick to some extent.

    Enjoy your weekend Grace..xx

  5. Sounds like you have the never-ending cold that is going around. Sometimes I get the shot and sometimes I don't. I'm usually pretty healthy. My mother has had health issues this year so I got the flu shot so I wouldn't be down with it if she needed me.

  6. My husband and daughter both had this horrible flu and somehow I escaped even though I was around both of them and was pretty provided nursing care for the two of them. I never get a flu shot. A doctor I loved in Virginia Beach told me he didn't recommend them for anyone except the elderly and people with other illnesses...he said if I got the flu I would be healthy enough to ride it out. But I have to say that my current doctor and most in between always encourage me to get the flu shot.

  7. Ugh, sorry to hear you're feeling puny. Sometimes I wonder if it's just your body's way of telling you that you need a break.

    I also have never had the flu shot and I don't give them to my kids either. Sometimes I feel like it's just one more thing they're shoving down our throats, ya know? I did get the whooping cough booster vaccine after having baby. I put it off for a couple months, but then got bullied into by the news. Boooo.

    Hopefully there's no such thing as a jinx and I won't regret not vaccinating the house after saying out loud that we don't get them.

    I watched daytime TV when The Kid was a baby, but hardly ever turn it on before 8:00 pm anymore. You're right, though, there are a TON of talk shows now.

    Hope your time on the couch was at least a little bit enjoyable. Like my mom has always said, it'll feel so much better when it quits hurtin'. :o)

  8. I can tell you every time I had a flu shot I got the worst case of the is really a scam for most of does not help prevent the flu nor does it help us with the current flu viruses out there...and I am one of the at risk groups who supposedly must have a shot...practicing good sanitary practices and making sure you keep your immune system in top order are paramount and we still get sick...although my illnesses are not as bad as they have been since seeing my acupuncturist who gives me herbs to boost my immune system which is usually not good due to my asthma...I also love pomegranate juice for boosting immune systems and helping rid me of illnesses faster...feel better and get some POM juice and peppermint tea for your chest!

  9. Hi Grace--I never get the flu shot. I've never had the flu, so now I have this stupid idea that I'll jinx myself if I try to get inoculated.

    I did have a cold last week, which is also very unusual for me, and I spent two glorious days in bed. I am blessed with a healthy immune system and I do things to try and keep it so. I am thinking, however, that as I get older, I may have to overcome my horror of the pharmaceutical industry to protect myself.

    I don't know. I go through this every year--will I or won't I, will I or won't I? - what a pain!

    I hope you are on the mend!

  10. Sure hope you are on the mend! just can't keep a good lady down. ;)

    Grace, we don't take flu shots; there have been too many articles on the vaccines being linked to Alzheimers, autism, and other illnesses; besides, there are so many strains that they cannot cover all of them and as far as we're concerned, the less that goes into our bodies from drug companies the better we feel about it. We work too hard to ingest the right things.

    Be well my friend. ;)

  11. Interesting comments. You always start good topics, Grace. I got the flu shot for a few years, when it was free at my job. I haven't had one for the past few years and don't regret it. I really like my MD but it seems as if they really like to follow the status quo and push vaccines and all sorts of medications so now I take their advice with a grain of salt. I don't even like using cold medicine. Colds will eventually go away on their own. Anyway, hope you feel better, glad the TV is helping. :-) I don't take offense to the couch potato comment at all! Ha ha.


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