Friday, June 22, 2012

Mysteries of the Night World

THANK YOU TO ALL of you who were so gracious with your condolences on my last post. Your words really do feed my soul. 

On to other subjects. It's raining here. I know many of you are having record heat but we lucky souls here in the Pacific Northwest have it pretty dang easy. That is if you like rain. And I do. It beats sweltering heat any day of the week. If you're reading this while a fan is blowing air on your head or you can hear the hum of the AC, I'm sending you buckets of PNW rain. Feel better soon! 

I wanted to write about dreams. Since sleep is a part of being alive and dreams are part of sleep, this subject is one we can all relate to, right? I think dreams are fascinating. I have a couple of books that document dream-themes, dream-symbols and the (controversial) Jung-inspired "collective consciousness." The books haven't made me any smarter but I still like the whole idea of understanding ourselves through our dreams. 

Twice now in the past, say, two weeks I've had the same dream. I'm in my house but it's not my day house. It's a different place but it's my house. It must be my "dream" house but it's not my day "dream" house because I don't live in that house. (I can't afford it.) No it's my night-dream house and it's not a house I would want to live in because it has spiders. And they're big spiders. And they only come out at night so I guess you could call them night-spiders. They're worse than day-spiders. You'll be sleeping on the floor (because in my night-dream house we apparently don't own beds) and out from under the blanket will come a huge spider. And out from the cracks of the walls, (My night-dream house must need a handyman.) will come these humongous spiders. We, my night-dream family (who are different than my day-dream family who aren't really a dream-family except on Christmas morning maybe) want to leave this weird house because we can't sleep with these vicious, huge spiders coming out at night. And that is the end of the dream. 

Anyone care to venture a guess as to what this means? And, do you have recurring dreams? One you'd like to share here? Ah, come on... It'll be fun. 


  1. I often dream about living in a house that isn't my own, but it doesn't have huge spiders in it (at least up to now, who knows what will happen tonight now that I've read your post). I don't remember where I read it, but I remember reading that houses in dreams are symbols for the state of your life. Like, a big house with lots of unexplored rooms means that you are feeling unfulfilled with your life or career.

    I don't know what a house full of enormous spiders means, but it might just mean that you are afraid of spiders. Did they freak you out in the dream? They sure would freak me out.

  2. I had an idea so of course I googled it ......
    You know about some of my dreams and so far so good lately!!

  3. What can this dream be about? Kind of scarey isn't it.
    We have fabulous weather here, 68 degrees, and I know lots of folks are sweltering. I agree with you, rain is preferred to intense heat.

  4. Hi, Grace--Have you ever read Shirley Showalter's blog at She recently did a series of interviews with Jean Raffa, a dream expert, and I thought you might enjoy the posts.

    I dream a lot about trying to get home, and there's always an obstacle in the way. I also dream that I'm trying to dial the phone to call my husband, but I keep dialing the wrong numbers. Occasionally, I dream that I can fly. I love those dreams.

  5. Hmm, we'll have to think about what the spiders mean to you...I think that would tell a lot. They say recurring dreams can indicate a past life. I think this is true. I have a few dreams I have all the time. First, is a recurring dream I've had since I was really young (milli vanilli was in the first one!). Each dream unfolds in a different place, but somehow I've connected it all. At this point, I can describe an entire town! I've thought about having someone actually draw it out for me. You may know I was an English teacher for a few years. Another recurring dream happens when I'm stressed. In them, it's several months into the school year and i havne't started a novel yet. Or, class is starting in a few minutes and the copier is jammed. I have a lot of these! I have another dream frequently and it always happens when I'm stressed in my life. (brace yourself - and put your Freudian hat on). I need to use the bathroom and I can't access a toilet. Either the walls of a stall are down, or (frequently) the water is filled all the way up to the top, or there is no toilet seat, or I can't get into the bathroom. I love the topic of dreams b/c I do see so much meaning in them!

  6. I love reading about dream interpretation. I have a dream that is reoccurring and I wake up feeling sick to my stomache. My wash machine won't stop filling with water no matter what I do and it just spills over and water and suds are running all over. I also will dream that I have rooms and rooms of laundry to do and I feel like I'll never get it done. There's a running theme of laundry in my dreams. Sometimes I can fly and I will also dream that I am back in high school and hiding in the bathroom because I came to school naked. Weird, huh?

  7. Dreams are fascinating Grace and spiders have a interesting message in Native American lore. I can send you that info from a book I have if you want it.

    As for me, I don't have a lot of recurring dreams these days or dreams I remember. I used to have anguishing dreams of abandonment as a child where my mother was killed in a car accident with me in the car. It was horrible and it was at a time when I was in and out of the hospital as a child due to severe asthma.

  8. Spiders - aren't they about creating? The whole spinning the web thing?
    My daughter dreams a lot and enjoys following up on the interpretations. I used to, not so much anymore.

  9. God is showing you your heart in this dream. The houses represent the two parts of your heart. One is the part you have given to the Lord. It is a place of possibility and promise and safety. The other part is the dark part(nighttime house) the part that you have not given (we all have that part) It is not a trustworthy place (no beds or place of rest) for you because it is filled with temptations and desires and sin (the spiders) that will harm you. He is the handyman that is needed to bring revival and restoration so that your famiy can be in peace. His peace.

    Our dreams are a way that God speaks to us. The fact that this has been dreamed more than once means it is established. It is important. Pay attention to this. There is no avoiding this. Take care of it while there is time. If you had dreamed it a 3rd time it means take care of it NOW there is no time.
    If you would like to learn more about how to interpret dreams God's way just let me know and I can point you to some amazing resources that will help you learn. You are being called that direction by Him.

  10. Flying dreams make me very very happy.

  11. I've had the same dream (periodically) for over 20 years. Mine is just as strange, though thankfully, no spiders. Because then it would be a nightmare!

  12. I found reading the comments as interesting as reading the post, very thought provoking. I have no idea what dreams mean, but am certain the mean something deep and psychological, something we may never know, but hints of things we should.


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