Monday, April 16, 2012

Advice to the Twenty-Somethings

THIS MORNING I was reading Letters to Our Younger Selves on Oprah's e-newsletter. It was an interesting  compilation of short notes famous people would tell their twenty-something selves if they could. 

There's no disputing the fact that living life is the best way to acquire knowledge about how to live it. Just by the doing we learn what works and what doesn't. And if we're smart, we're watching others, learning from their successes and failures too. 

Well, I'm not famous, or packed with infinite wisdom but reading this makes me wonder about what I would say to my twenty-something self. 

I think I'd tell myself: Don't worry. The future isn't nearly as dismal as you've been led to believe and most people are kind, decent human beings. Learn to see the gray as well as you see the black and white. Ignoring your preconceived judgments is not a weakness but a sign of strength. 

What would you say to your younger self? 


  1. Dear twenty-something Tina,

    Don't look to the future for your happiness. Appreciate the moment you're in.

    When you make decisions, please don't base them on what you think someone else wants you to do.

    And don't forget your writing. It's who you are.

  2. My Grace, this is certainly something to think on.....

  3. "Good luck! I wouldn't trade my spot for yours, even if you have fewer wrinkles."
    Life just keeps getting better, with more people to love . . . that balances out the increase in wrinkles and grey hairs, for sure.

  4. I would say always do what you love. It's an added bonus if you can make a living doing what you love!


  5. Not sure what I would tell would definitely deal with not giving away your self esteem to anyone...never let anyone treat you poorly and take time to get to know yourself...

  6. Life is long.
    Live in the moment.
    The worst times make the best stories.

  7. I would tell myself to wait till I'm 34 to get married (since I married the "good" husband at that age) and to go to school a house and plant lots of trees so I can see them reach maturity before I hit the nursing home circuit!

  8. Oh my that is a difficult question, not sure I like it! I would say to my younger self to be stronger and know that there are wonderful people out there that do care. That is what I needed to know when I was younger.

  9. You know how tough that is, right?
    What would I say? Stay in college, don't leave just because no one cares. Marry a good person and don't worry about the money. Tell the people you love that you do.


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