Saturday, November 5, 2011

World Wide Blog Tour

Greetings, everyone. I am participating in the month-long world wide blog tour to celebrate the publication of The Moment I Knew

Rather than write a lengthy review focusing on one of the 30 amazing stories and poems, I thought I'd try something different. So, below are a few words on each of them to pique your interest. 

"The Other Side of the Doors" by Alice Coggin Bagley
When her role changes from spectator to participant, Alice's perspective changes too.

"Powerful Eyes of Love" by Cynthia L. Pauwells
Ancient traumas continue to haunt Cynthia but she now has the power of love to help her heal.  

"That Smile" by Mimi LaFrancis
An enigmatic smile and the gift of knowing help forge a new beginning for Mimi. 

"When Life Gets In the Way" by Deborah Starling-Pollard
Outward appearances often mask betrayal and emotional heartache but clarity can change all of that.

"Birthday Wish" by Noelle Stern
An unexpected token from the past becomes the truth Noelle is searching for. 

"Choices" by Tammy Gail Backlund
Facing the truth that she's living a double life, Tammy eventually finds deep happiness. 

"Good Enough for Whom?" by Corbin Lewars
A therapist's wisdom opens Corbin's eyes to her misguided motives. 

"The Rationale" by Rachel Malis
Life, like weather has its seasons. 

"The Strangers Inside Me" by Kate Lacey
Discovering the strangers takes many years but is a sweet reward.

"The Bump and Me" by Nadia Ali
The view from the mountaintop makes every step of the climb well worth it. 

"The Gift of True Love" by Alison Popple
A life-threatening situation becomes a confirmation of enduring love. 

"What I Gave to the Fire" by Kimberly L. Evans
Kimberly finds a perfectly symbolic place to rest and heal. 

"How Detachment Changes Everything" by Susan Black
Susan makes peace with the truth that there is only so much you can do. 

"One Punch" by Lisa Ford
A correct diagnosis is the first step towards recovery. 

"An Indelible Imprint" by Stephanie Ng
"It's not always the loudest voice that makes the strongest impact." 

"Last Call for Musicians" by Tami Herzer-Absi
The kindness of one inspires the kindness of another.

"My Sikh Mother and I" by Surinder Kaur-Saeltzer 
Surinder lovingly examines the cultural traditions of her people. 

"A Short Memoir of my Mother" by Connie M. Rushman 
Knowledge of her mother's difficult upbringing turns Connie's resentment into admiration.

"Gale  Force Wind" by Janel Bongiorno-Field
Physical healing takes time. Emotional healing takes longer. 

"Grief and The Pain of Death" by Donna M. Donabella
We feel sadness over loss until we think of the peace of those who've departed. 

"This One's On Me" by Grace Peterson--that would be me! 
A gift from a departed friend offers confirmation that all is well. 

"Going Home" by Jennifer Graves
The love of a grandma inspires a celebration of life. 

"The Letter" by Nadya Petkova
An opportunity to move forward means saying goodbye to the past. 

"The Labyrinth's Path" by Brenda Joyce
Brenda discovers that life, like nature  is rarely linear. 

"When the Music Dies" by Rebecca J. Love
Life doesn't always go the way we want but the detours can be a blessing too. 

"Complete Unknowns and Rolling Stones" by Elizabeth Willse
Making peace with uncertainty can be solitary but is universal. 

"Gone Forever" by Bonnie Skinner Crow
What's here today may not be tomorrow. 

"Mrs. Brown's Daughter" by Rene Graham
An accepting, caring adult can leave an indelible impression in a child's mind. 

"Roadkill" by Beth Myers
Things aren't always what they appear to be.

"The Cost of a Sweater" by Lisa K. Clark
Making the decision to help others can be fraught with anxiety but it gets easier with practice.

I've got a free copy of the book, The Moment I Knew to share with one lucky commenter. I'll randomly pick the winner in about a week or so and send you the book. 

Clicking on the book in the sidebar (above, left) will take you to the site where you can find more information on the book and links to more participating blogs. 

When was the moment you knew? 


  1. Wow, your choice words from each story have touched me. What a nice review to do of not just one, but all of the stories.


  2. Grace, I just read Diana's comment on your FB page and was coming over to find out how to buy the book. If I don't win I promise I will buy it...I've been meaning to. I'm thrilled to know you and feel motivated to try harder to get back to writing. I know I have it 'in me', someplace; but just don't take the time to really write down what's in my heart & thoughts. It requires more effort for me than it used to. Sure, I can leave comments like this, with relative ease. Writing stories and gathering thoughts in a cohesive manner is a different thing altogether. Kudos to you on your publication. I can't wait to read it.

  3. Dear Grace,

    I made some comments on FB, and wanted you to know how very much I enjoyed your writing. Talented indeed in that you kept me there with every word... a remarkable series of events. Thank you for sharing such tender and reflective moments with us all.

  4. The moment I knew? Was when I found out he had done something dirty to his own best friend! Knew then~~I gotta go! Hugs Carol

  5. Wow, how nice of you to do a giveaway! Reading all of those short sentences makes me want to read, read, read!!!

  6. Wonderful post Grace. You certainly nailed my poems. I have to say your essay is my fav.

  7. I just ordered the book...can't wait to read it...especially your entry. Your review snippets did, indeed, pique my interest.

  8. Well I'll take you up on this Grace. I can always use something new, and good, to read!

  9. Way to pull us all in Grace and leave us wanting to know more!

  10. Fascinating way to intrigue readers. Nicely done.

    BTW, this afternoon I was involved in a "screen sharing meeting" with a coaching client and his daughter-in-law. They "passed the mouse" to me, in a manner of speaking, allowing my screen to show so they could look at it. I had not been expecting the call or the need to show my desktop, and it was WAY cluttered with about 19 open windows, so I did a quick sweep to clear it with that gizmo bar in the bottom right on Windows 7. Then I needed to have something showing, so I clicked my browser up again and Voila! There was your gorgeous blog. Both of them commented on how attractive it is. That was before I read your comment on my blog. Cyberspace is busy today!

  11. Grace, The quotes are wonderful....I'm with Darla~You've drawn us in and made us want to read more of each woman's story. xxoogail

  12. Grace, Thank you! I received the book yesterday and your story is well written, albeit sad...I haven't read anything else yet, but the book looks great. Thank you for sending it, and I'm honored to have won your give away;-)


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