Friday, November 25, 2011

The Black Friday Snooze

Ah yes, Black Friday. But before we get to that, did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I did. It was hectic but enjoyable. 

Having the power to write the day as I saw fit, I made Black Friday the antithesis of Thursday. I spent it on the sofa. 

Instead of running around the kitchen two steps ahead of myself in the throes of dinner preparations, my legs were folded under my laptop and my Blankie was draped over my shoulders, keeping me warm. 

Rather than barking orders at my charges, in the nicest tone I could muster, I spent Black Friday petting the sleeping cat beside me. Cats have the right idea. Cats rule. 

Stirring the gravy was replaced with stirring my muse. 

I don't remember how many years ago it was dubbed Black Friday but I understand the concept. It's an accounting term, the day retailers turn their bottom line from debt-red to profit-black by offering shoppers irresistible deals. It's a hopeful, prosperous sort of prediction, a win-win and bargain hunters eat it up, scampering from one store to another, frantic to fill their cart before the "sold out" signs go up. Some, like a woman cited on this evening's news, use pepper spray as a form of crowd control. She's serious. And maybe in jail. 

Do you shop on Black Friday? Were you a member of the mega crowd lined up in front of Target? If so I commend you. You're good for the economy. You probably have all your Christmas shopping done and you're working on the wrapping and mailing when you're not organizing your medicine cabinet. You rock. 

Me, I'm more of a last minute person. Around the third week of December I start to feel motivated to get a few items. Somehow it all works out. Once I figure out how, I'll let you know. 

I'm convinced that my single-handed defiance won't cause any kind of uproar. I don't have enough cache to sway public opinion and I doubt Wall Street is in a dither. I don't have any plans to form an anti-Black Friday crusade. Others can do that. Maybe those "Occupy" people. They're better suited for such undertakings.  

Although global revolutions have their place, I'm more interested in pursuing personal ones. But some things probably won't be revolutionized any time soon. I'm pretty set in my ways on this one. Likely, I'll spend next year's Black Friday exactly how I spent this one, sitting on my couch with my legs folded under my laptop and my Blankie keeping me warm and maybe after awhile, I'll get up and get some leftover turkey and give a tiny nibble to my cat. 

How did you spend your Black Friday? Be honest.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Grace! I was at work here in London, running stories and pictures of Black Friday. Huge crowds in Macy's. I think you had the right idea. You can save the economy next week!

  2. Black Friday-I laugh at the fools. I spend mine making garlands and wreaths and putting up my string lights. Coffee and leftover pie. And catching up on mail. Love it!

  3. Dear Grace, I hate bargain shopping, the crowds and the excitement and have developed what I call the swoop method - in and out in the shortest possible time at a time when there are fewest people around. I do disagree with you on one point in this post - dogs not cats rule. cheers, catmint

  4. You pulled me right in there, Grace... really like your post, and no, we would never be a part of Black Friday.

    Let's see, what did we do? Regular early morning ritual... cup of coffee, read, a second cup; hop on the eliptical for 20 minutes... a "shake" for breakfast and out to the garden. The sun was shining, Grace!

    We cleaned up the last of the tomato vines and most of the other raised beds, dug the final potatoes, had turkey soup for lunch...

    ... to friends for dinner and to look at our new kitten, just captured... wild cats that had been abandoned and they found. Can't wait to show him to you.

    Now, we are back out to the garden: sunny and time to spray the fruit trees. The fun never ends.

    I can now envision sitting on the sofa with "..." curled near me, and "stirring my muse". I hope your day is a splendid one.

  5. I spent my Black Friday very much like you did, curled up on the couch, or sometimes at the computer, watching some TV with either the kitties or my husband, drinking coffee, reading books, eating leftovers. Just before the sun set, I ran out and fussed in the garden for about 15 minutes, just because I was feeling guilty about wasting a sunny day.

    I can understand the retailers wanting to make money, but that crowd is not for me. I freak out in crowds. My family are all back east, so I usually buy online and have it shipped directly to them.

    I'm thinking today might be a repeat of yesterday. Maybe tomorrow too. Except for the garden part. It's raining again.

  6. We had beautiful weather here so I spent the day playing outdoors putting up Christmas decorations while the weather was kind. No way do I go to the Black Friday stampedes. LOL! After so many years in retail I do not want near the places. I got so tired of complaining people that I had to retire because I was afraid I was going to injure someone. LOL!

  7. Grace, I loved this post! Black Friday doesn't exist on my calendar, and never would I consider even being a part of such a ploy as this. Spent my Friday with family curled up reading books, sharing memories, drinking coffee and cider, and got in a little knitting. Absolutely perfect day!

  8. Oh Gracie, I love the image of you and the kitty and the blankie and the great contrast to that hectic dinner day! I'm no shopper. I spent most of the day with my computer too. Aren't leftovers the best thing ever? Guess I better think about Christmas one of these days...

  9. I have never shopped a Black Friday. It has become a dark day to me certainly changing what the Black means now especially after this much violence..Ok, I spend mine now traveling back from family in AZ. So much better although I love your celebration Grace!!

  10. Happy Holidays (to cover Thanksgiving and the rest cause I tend to miss saying it ahead of time). It's wonderful to have family around at this time of year.
    I'm with you, black friday is great for retailers but not for me.
    We did support our local retailers on Saturday though!

  11. Well I guess the likes of us here, so far, didn't help the economy at all. :) I have never been shopping on black Friday. I was actually putting the nursery back together at church. We had a pipe burst and the bottom floor I am getting the church ready for a memorial service tomorrow. Trying to get wrinkles out of 15 round table linens as I type..we lost one of our dear members on Thanksgiving, so we have all been in a funk.....

  12. Hi Grace,
    I love the image of nestling under a blanket on the couch, which pretty much describes how I usually spend my Black Fridays. The last place I would ever want to be is at the mall or anywhere near a retail store. I think I just rebel against the commercialism of the season. The spirit eventually strikes me but not on Black Friday. Enjoyed visiting your site and this post!


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